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  1. Hydra

    [VIDEO] CS:GO Video

    Was bored, make sure to +1 xdd
  2. Hydra

    [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    It was meant to be sped up because its a full gameplay, I didn’t want it to be a killcam. But thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it <3
  3. Hydra

    I made ramen

    looks disgusting tbh
  4. Hydra

    My son cames through the World :D

    Congratz, enjoy cleaning poop for the lest of your life
  5. Hydra

    What is your job?

    Socialengineering is key.
  6. wheres my rep back kuk
  7. Hydra


    If you're banned in PUBG, all of your accounts along with your HWID, will get banned. So don't bother buying a new copy unless you're planning to buy a new HDD/SDD + resetting your windows
  8. this "Professional Guide to get unbanned" is common sense, even my adopted asian kid knows this
  9. ok but this is common sense, no point in posting it here?
  10. Nice template ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)