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  1. slash

    Fortnite 38 Kills!

    Legit hacking is more fun to me as rage hacking gets boring quick.
  2. slash

    Movie competition!

    Website promo : Image of what the promotion looks like http://prntscr.com/gvnpqk (A staff member has the website link, not going to advertise it here) Traffic for the last week to the website (1,869 Unique Visitors over the last week) http://prntscr.com/gvon68 In client promo : Just need a suitable banner and I can add it. Youtube Video : The only video to not receive a strike and they are both for jokes, for a properly edited CSGO cheating video check my channel in a couple of days. *p.s read the description on the BSS one
  3. slash

    What is your job?

    IT has a lot to do with backend developing.-
  4. slash

    What is your job?

    Cyber Security Engineer and server manager. Yet still, I waste all my money on games.
  5. slash

    Fortnite Cheat Feedback

    Other than the snipers, even without no-spread I think the cheat is solid and a great price. The menu is nice and easy to use compared to another that I have used, plus the cheat was updated quicker then I expected today. Worth the money. ESP is well done so you can change the colours, this makes visuals a bit more interesting. There is my short summary of the cheat.
  6. slash

    for how02

  7. slash

    Fortnite Update Video

    Literally posted this just to see if I would get a fifth strike from Epic Games. Just some aftermath of the update. So it's a test upload, no real editing or anything.
  8. slash

    Fuck your copyright strike EpicGames

    I got a strike from my videos as well, I suppose I will just pose them as "normal" videos with no walls on.