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Suggestion on status and news on cheats.


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Hi everyone!

It has come to my attention that people are asking for status on cheats and ETA when cheats become undetected etc.

As a proud member of this community i feel like we're lacking on how the information flows. And as a side effect of this is people are filling up the chats and forums with question about if a cheat is undetected or not. 

My suggestion is simple. If a staff or Admin write a post in the forum once a week. (Or more rapidly if needed) On what the Developer have been working on, progress and what's "next".

To clarify I'm not talking about when new features are added! I'm talking specifically on progress from detected to undetected status.

And i totally understand that the developer WILL not share sensitive information that could lead to wrong people getting this information. I'm thinking purely of general progress and information that WILL not harm the cheat's status nor the community.


Other than that i know How02 is working really hard and doing great work. Thanks bud!    

Cheers :) 

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It makes a lot of sense in theory, only problem being that most of the people who are asking these questions have just registered and don’t care to read anything before asking - but a status tab at the top would probably catch a lot more attention than a thread in our forum. Not sure if the staff have left the information out on purpose though, but it would be neat to have it showcased for newcomers : )

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There is no point in posting this kind of information, because it's just research until I find something. And when I do I need to check that it can detect my cheat. Most of the time it doesn't.

Someone suggested to make a status page, I agree that it will give more information to our customers.


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