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What made you want to hack? (rust)


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2 hours ago, Qyrie said:

Ahah so you never played legit on rust ? xD

Yes, I played for 6 months I think, without cheats in Rust Legacy xD


1 hour ago, Betchi said:

That was actually the nutest post ever . Your born as a Cheater xD


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  • 2 weeks later...

I used to play alot of solo survival vanilla back in the days, had a blast! I'm a decent pvper, and overall good at the game.

Or so i thought..  I kept getting 3x headshotted over and over.. enemies knowing my exact position.

And then the worst of it all. Making the perfect raidproof base, only to find it raided and blown straight into the lootrooms, nothing else touched.


Collected my salt and said fck em, if you cant beat them. Join them 4Head

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I've actually played a lot of legit vanilla Rust and have always had hacking on Rust in the back of my mind but it wasn't until now that i decided to actually pursue getting good (the best) Rust hacks.

The main reason I want Rust hacks is to have a slight advantage. Mostly legit hacking and not rage hacking. Using it to find out where certain people live/what they have and the layout of their base. 

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After playing 3k h legit and the devs don't lisen the comminty doing what they want. I started to cheat and had more fun than playing normal so now I can't play without cheat it's like a drug

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