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Dear Friends & Users, Creative Creators & Youtuber,

since so many of you, make clips, movies and other creative content on diffrent media platforms, we decided to make a competition!
Everyone of you, have the chance to be honored for your content.

We want so see everything!

Movies, Clips, Logo, Avatars, Backgrounds ... everything!
Feel free to be creative in every possible way!

The Rules?

it have to be your own content!
clips and movies have to been uploaded on youtube as not listed.
you accept that we gonna upload your clip on our youtube channel and honor your work!


Aswell every fortnite content creator should read this:



We wish you all good luck!
End: 31.10.2017!

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Website promo :

  • Image of what the promotion looks like http://prntscr.com/gvnpqk (A staff member has the website link, not going to advertise it here) gJle5JzvTLCo0ZkQEEy5DQ.png
  • Traffic for the last week to the website (1,869 Unique Visitors over the last week) http://prntscr.com/gvon68

In client promo : 

  • Just need a suitable banner and I can add it.          apHw-G_2StWVDr1HBX8mTg.png

Youtube Video :

The only video to not receive a strike and they are both for jokes, for a properly edited CSGO cheating video check my channel in a couple of days. *p.s read the description on the BSS one



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