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  1. I don't know if i deserve it but it would be cool to get it. bssgang gang
  2. I think that would delay other cheats so much due to the amount of updating how02 would need to do on it.
  3. Nice post, this will help a lot of players for sure
  4. read the first line i wrote x) "I'd say rust, no point of putting that on hold to develop a new cheat due to it uses the same anti cheat. "
  5. I'd say rust, no point of putting that on hold to develop a new cheat due to it uses the same anti cheat. he's been coding it for 5-6 months+ too so stopping for a game which just came out is ehh imo
  6. It's only been worked on for 1 month and a half. I've been here for that full duration as well and i'm fine with it. They are working every day to fix the cheat and along with that most cheats don't add things such as spoofer to the cheat while also doing constant updates. As mrtrademaster said "all howl does is wake up, code and sleep" as well as doing this he's putting in extra effort into the rust cheat and adding a spoofer. This will allow us to bounce from account to account without having to change our HWID continuously or spoof yourself. "OMG they dont tell us when cheat
  7. Ramz

    My design BSS

    It looks good, but i think i pref current BSS loader look myself. Still sick work!
  8. For me currently,CSGO. The general game lost it's zaz and everyone cheats in it lmao. PUBG just seems boring hacking it tbh, no need to loot or play the actual game.. same with league too. I rather play legit and have more fun.
  9. 19 mins late but happy new year guys, have a good one!
  10. Ramz

    CSGO Review

    I just wanted to provide the best insight from my experience ^^ Thanks!
  11. Ramz

    CSGO Review

    >>>>>AT THE END I'LL INCLUDE WHAT CAN BE IMPROVED IN THIS CHEAT AND MY RATING<<<<< Hi, i would like to start off by saying without cheats I'm a high rank, but i do enjoy playing cs with cheats. Proof of rank: (yes this photo is 2-3 months ago) I've tried multiple internal cheats and so far this is one of the best i've tried so far, but in this review i'll go over each part of the cheat. Explaining how it works, but also how this cheat works. Contents: Detection GUI Aimbot Triggerbot Misc
  12. Yep they do have quite a strong one ^^ i don't think I'm too interested in cheating in leagues that much. It was ^^ thanks!
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