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Why You Should Buy BSS CSGO


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Hey Guys, Kevin Spacey here :trump:

Anyway Guys reason im here is to tell you why you should buy BSS.

As we all know its the last 23 hours and 33 minutes of 2018 and this year has been great.

Anyway back to BSS, BSS is an amazing low price cheat with a great community. Why is it so good you may ask? 

Well it's so good because @how02 @ViRTUS them, they work their asses of for us to use their CS cheats.

At the end of the day they dont have to do it.

They also have an amazing Support team featuring @mrtrademaster who is always happy to help.

This low price cheat i have been with for 2 months and i have ran into some issues because of myself haha :P  but the team have been happy to help.

I recently made a video showing off some of the cheats. Ill link it so i dont have to do as much typing xD  


Anyway, the detection rate: 

I played so much Cs after purchasing this cheat as it makes CS great again, but a day after i posted that video i was banned BUT that video was posted after atleast a month of rage hacking and legit hacking and besides CS is free now so its detection doesnt really matter but overall that detection rate is amazing it took me like a month to get banned whereas  i bought a Rust Recoil Script from somewhere else (Dont PM Asking where from) and ik its a different game but i got banned on there in 8 Hours.

But overall BSS i would rate 20/10 and i recommend to new cheaters as its easy to use : ) 

Anyway guys this has been Kevin Spacey and i hope to see some new faces with the  premium role : ) 

Thanks @how02 for this cheat : ) 

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