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Are there any games you wouldnt cheat on?


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7 hours ago, Ownerczx said:

Is hard see a hacker in League of Legends, haha

mmm ye the era of elobuddy kogmaws autowin is long gone haha it was funny while it lasted, I guess they improved their anti cheat? I wonder how ? I think it's easy anti cheat now, I want to hack in smite aswell but I don't think there is cheat providers for this game, it's not like easy anti cheat is hard to avoid it's just that people don't even care about smite, it's sad though it could make a great niche market for fans and quite a lot of safe money for the developper 

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Atm, im not cheating in any game or botting.

So far i have not come across any game that i wouldn't cheat in. but there has been a few "leagues" in diffrent games.

Example: ESEA

Alot of people say fortnite. (i don't play fortnite so i wouldn't know that mutch about it).

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