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Have you been called out? And how did you handle it?


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On ‎08‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 6:42 PM, bobbafatso said:

Yea actually yesterday, the guys i killed was actually cheating and slaughtering people. So i went there and got killed twice, 3rd time i got them. The storm of salt by that episode alone ended up with me getting kicked and i didn`t even answer those kids in a bad way. I dont really understand why they got so mad though.

Cheaters are the worst to kill xD they get extra mad since they are "untouchable" more or less :P Thats what i think..i have killed many guys With cheats, and damn they get so fucking mad haha, 1 time me and a friend trolled 2-3 hackers 7 hours straight. That was one of the funniest moments in rust for my part xD  But those who play legit With hacks dont care, probably to make it more legit. I havent got the chance myself to use anything in rust yet :/

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