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Happy Valentines Ya Weebs


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4 hours ago, koshaan said:

its only 12 bucks in humble monthly, can recommend if u aren't aggressive enough in your life :)

Have you been using humblemonthly for some time now? Actually sounds like a really cool concept, what other games have they had the past few months?



4 hours ago, Penguin100 said:

Played a little CS:GO and then spending the evening with my girlfriend. Hope you’re all having a good one 

Sounds lit, have a good one.



1 hour ago, Wirez said:

Naa im alone today , went casino.Was up by a lot then just crashed and lost it all and of course, I put more in and just lost it all  

Word, just came back from Vegas recently on a business trip and hit the casino a couple of those nights... Chances of coming out ballin out of a casino is way too slim :(

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4 hours ago, koshaan said:

nah literally only touched it for dark souls 3 this month. u can see all the other games here https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly


Hm I think ill actually get it this weekend, perhaps with CSGO Full from here too. I need to get off league/fortnite as I've been playing way too aggressively/competitively lmao :S.

Need to start playing single player games / hacking in games and playing more casual in general, not healthy for my work :(

Will update u if I break my mouse LUL

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2 minutes ago, mrtrademaster said:

hey man I dont think the students of florida highschool would appreciate that comment if you post it again im going to have to post it on my social media webs and make it go viral BabyRage

11/10 reference to mwf2  Kappa

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