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The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. Anyone successfully done this recently? Aren’t the games region locked?
  2. Penguin100

    CSGO Review - How far can I get?

    Good luck! What rank are you playing at?
  3. Penguin100

    CSGO Esp Review

    My aimbot subscription is coming to an end in a few days so might upgrade to the full cheat and give it a try
  4. Penguin100

    What games do you play the most?

    Right now just CS:GO and fortnite, haven’t got enough gaming time for any other games at the moment. Would like to try rust and pubg eventually though
  5. Penguin100

    Happy Valentines Ya Weebs

    Played a little CS:GO and then spending the evening with my girlfriend. Hope you’re all having a good one

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