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  1. this^ hope I get invited in the next wave or something. really wanna use it and I don't wanna pay a shit ton to a reseller. fuck that
  2. J1nx


    only cheat on accounts you're ready to get banned. I wouldn't recommend using any cheat in your main unless you can afford it.
  3. that moment when you keep coming back to the site and see new members get the cheat before you. i cri everytime. good review tho.
  4. I used to buy the cheat in the past but stopped. Has backtrack been added yet or will it never be added?
  5. J1nx

    Rust cheat

    Looks great, I still need it though.
  6. J1nx

    Rust Review

    wish I had got access to it. hopefully when it's out I get invited.
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