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Rust review


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Let me first start this post about how impressed I am with the rust cheat. 

Injecting 10/10

The cheat itself is without any problems, never had any issues or crashes with this.

Aimbot 9/10

Aimbot is great, works really well with guns most shots hit the target not all but most.        You can't fault it, it would be 10/10 it should be too but it's not because of no silent aim and aim predict can be off sometimes. Overall though once you've got a gun you're going to win most if not all battles against anyone. 

Esp 10/10

You can't fault Esp at all, everything you want and need to see shows up, you can colour code anything you want and every node tells you what type it is ie sulfur metal and stone which is a bonus. I've tried many rust cheats and nothing comes close to the Esp that's included in this. Anytime a new player joins the server it shows them and alot of cheats have problems with this but not blacksectors they've really outdone it with this one. 

Misc options

Daytime always works brilliantly not much can be said about this but you see everything at night. 

Free cam works good but it used to be debug camera where you could bind the key, it was alot easier to use when you could do that, that's the only fault I can see in this one. 

There's many other misc options but I don't feel the need to use them as Aimbot and Esp is all you ever need in a rust cheat. 

As I state the cheat is still being developed and worked on and the little problems I have will be worked on by the time it gets released to the public. 

Well done to the blacksector team you've outdone yourself with this and I look forward to 2018 with you guys, happy new year to the team and everyone on the forums. 



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