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Post your vehicle!


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let's see what are you guys rolling with.

I ain't got much, but here it is.


I got my first bike at 16 years old, its an Aprilia RS 125, from 2007, new shape model, 2 stroke. Max speed was 152 km/h i went with it.

I got my first car at 18 years old, wich is a BMW 320d, 2.0 Diesel engine, chipped, from 2002, wich i own still today. Love it, not much, but i got some cool rims on it, and its black with cream interior and wood. Just loving it.

Then lately, i got my first 600cc bike, in 2017 April, wich is a Yamaha R6. Not much, max speed i went with it was 230km/h, Maybe it can go further, haven't tested on dyno.

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Currently driving a 2012 ZX6R and a 2016 BMW S1000RR. 


Daily = ZX6R

Racing = S1000RR


Looking to get an H2.

I'm only 16, but I've been riding motocross since I was 6 and love to go fast. I'll probably end up killing myself.

Will post pictures tomorrow if reminded. 

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