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    CS:GO Review

    Hi everyone, my name is zeref and this will be my review of BSS. I will make it short but detailed, so everyone doesn't have to read a boring and long as review. THIS REVIEW IS WRITTEN FOR LEGIT GAMEPLAY ONLY Aimbot - The aimbot itself is super perfect for legit users, its not super strong but not bad either. In my opinion one of the best cheat/aimbot for legit gameplay and it's super easy to make a config and you can also download configs which is nice for new users. ESP - The ESP is basic? but i have no idea how to judge on this because all you need or most likely the features are the same as the other cheats but it's working and good enough. Security - I've been using two different accounts since i joined or bought a subscription from BSS and both are still alive without any problems. I have 600hours gameplay with BSS, i have no idea how security works inside but byfar BSS is the only cheat i trust for VAC-FREE cheat. Updates - Updates hasn't been a problem and it's almost always updated... NO PROBLEM FROM HERE. Menu - In my opinion menu should be personal preference.. for example i don't like the menu but it doesn't really matter because it does the job for me. I couldn't care less if its ugly as fuck but as long as it's easy to setup configs and load things up, it's good for me. I hope this gives any of you an idea. Overall & Conclusion - This is the best cheat that i have used from now. the price is amazing and super cheap... the forum is a little bit dead but who the fuck cares anyway.. the discord is also fine and there are helpful guys on the chat if you have any trouble setting the cheat up. Pros: - Amazing price + security is on top + easy to contact the coder Cons: - Dead community/forum + only supports MM(???)
  2. There hasnt been any detection yet.
  3. I don't have my own car tbf but i tend to use my parents Audi Q7 due to my mom and dad only uses the Tesla Model S PD90 because they work at the same firm.
  4. College student right now and studying civil engineering. I work as a juicer on Joe and the juice as side/weekend job.
  5. Im currently using ASUS VG278HV 27 inch Full HD 1920x1080. I have two of these bad boys but only using 1 due to lending it to my little brother.. and i dont like or even use dual screen lol
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