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  1. Like i said in SB before: https://blacksector.solutions/search/?type=core_members&group[22]=1
  2. You don't have to be verified. how02 has stopped selling pubg because of some detections. If you really want to buy our pubg cheat the only way is through a reseller currently. You can find our Resellers here: https://blacksector.solutions/search/?type=core_members&group[22]=1
  3. No, it's not invite only. It's just not for sale right now because of some bans.
  4. It's not for sale right now. You can only renew your old sub.
  5. It is not for sale right now. No ETA when it's available again.
  6. You can try to buy from one of our resellers like @banek192
  7. Ich kann daran nichts ändern, müsst auf @how02 oder @ViRTUS warten. I can't do anything about that, you will have to wait for @how02 or @ViRTUS.
  8. You have to buy a Subscription. But unfortunately it's not for sale at the moment.
  9. In some cases its not working right now. In that case you will have to buy it from an official reseller or via coinpayment (bitcoin etc.)
  10. Why did you open up two threads? And again: you will have to buy a hwid reset.
  11. Only PayPal and Coinpayments. Maybe a reseller is offering a wire transfer. You can found them by their green names.
  12. https://blacksector.solutions/store/product/12-hwid-reset/
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