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  1. Would the admins please be so kind and add the days? It's still not fixed.
  2. Hey I paused when I had 4 days left on the cheat and I haven't unpaused since. I'm going to unpause now but saw that there's only 1 day left.
  3. No detections for me! I'm completely satisfied with it; highly configurable to your needs and for high "legitness."
  4. This is regarding the PUBG cheat, if that is of any importance
  5. I will upgrade my GPU & PSU today, and am wondering if this'll change my HWID and render me unable to use the cheat. If so, would an admin be so kind and register this so I'll remain unaffected.
  6. In the "humanize" section; what do the different options do? Sliding them further right increases "humanness" and sliding them all towards the left makes it more obvious but more effective aimbot?
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