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  1. That makes sense. So, I'm impatiently (but respectfully ) waiting patiently lol.
  2. Yea... you just have to wait patiently. I'm still waiting as well. Today marks my official 1 yr wait lol.
  3. Nice vid. Thanks for these settings. Cant wait to use this. Saved for future reference.
  4. thealbundy

    Rust Hacking #3

    LOL geez @Maths Well... before "March 22nd" I wasn't educated on this official site,wave bans, and notifications for detection, and plenty more I got to sit in the chair for a while. I later learned ( after joining here ) about all of the above and that you don't need keys as its a monthly subscription, a really great site/community that's helpful. So, "Forever" is the description I feel/give after getting to check it out and now waiting patiently on the correct way to go about it.
  5. thealbundy

    Rust Hacking #3

    Amazing video cant wait to get my hands on that gaming chair i been waiting forever. I also would like the config for that as well if you don't mind as I like the setup.
  6. Nice vid! I get hype watchin it... I cant wait till I get the notification that i got the invite
  7. I like it as well. Looks really good.
  8. Good video. Hopefully it will be ud soon.
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