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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. Bupperz

    My design BSS

    Don't listen to these art critics, I think it looks fantastic and would use it personally if it was available.
  2. Bupperz

    Overwatch bans

    I've done more research and have discovered that for most cheaters it's just an account ban or a screenlock, the only people they HWID ban are the people who are heavily exploiting the game, like the one korean guy who somehow managed to play as talon and other bot characters in competitive.
  3. Bupperz

    Overwatch bans

    Hi, I recently purchased purchased an overwatch pixelbot but I am reluctant to try it due to blizzard using hwid bans rather than account bans like valve. I plan on cheating on an alt but don't want to endanger my main. Any advice?
  4. Bupperz

    BlackSector - Radical Heights (Soon)

    Looking forward to trying it out, when can we expect it to be available in the store?
  5. Bupperz

    ID requirements

    Hey guys, In terms of providing a form of Government ID for the PUBG cheat, i can provide that easily, however, I'm wondering if its ok if i blur out everything except the name. Or if theres other stuff you need from the ID besides that. Thanks

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