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Rust review by furchenlurch88


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Hello guys,

here is my personal Review after one week using this hack. Sorry for my potatoe english but you will love it <3


Aimbot: 8/10

Why I give only 8 points? First of all the aimbot works like a charm! But it needs more love to work smooth.

He works a little bit frantic in my opinion. I tried the humanize function and i dont feel any difference, or maybe I am to dumb to set it up correctly :D


ESP: 10/10

This ESP is one of the best ESP what you can imagine. So much you can display with it.

You want to hunt a beautiful bear but you dont find one?

Then turn this beautiful ESP on!

You want to farm Stone but you dont find any sulfur, metal or Ssone spot?

Then turn this beautiful ESP on!

You looking for weaponcomponentchest but you dont find any shit?

Then turn this beautiful ESP on!


Misc: 9/10

The misc features in this hack are awsome! The possibilitys with the settings are endless!

You know already the features because everyone posted them!

All what I need to said is, that it works perfectly!! All of them!

The ladderhack should be run smoother but this is crying on a high level ;D


Performance: 10/10

My mind is blowing away with this awsome performance!!

- No fps drops!!

- Inject so fast like a bolt

- Sometimes the Picture is flaring but I dont give a fuck :D


Thank you for your hard work! Hope for a bright future!


Greetings furchenlurch88 <3



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27 minutes ago, stezz said:

I agree, the aimbot could possibly use some love. Bow predictions aren't the best right now, but the only way to resolve this would be to actually alter the path of the arrow, or make it auto hit them somehow.


Working on it.

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