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  1. you are welcome man,you will love here
  2. in rust,I usually take advantage of others not online,Go steal them or bomb them
  3. Did you change your name to one of them? I think that's the only way they'll see you and not kill you
  4. Did you lose a file?Try to upgrade all win system patch
  5. you are welcome,There is no test because the full version has been released,You just need an invitation,You can browse the forum, some posts to help you, because he can tell you how to get an invitation,goodluck
  6. good job,Thank you for your honesty evaluate,but FPS appears to have reduced at this stage(I found that the number of buildings,I'm reduced in official servers, but mod server FPS normal)
  7. my friend,You can speak actively in the Forum and discord,Make lots of friends and talk about interesting topics,After a period of time, you can gain trust,Administrators will be randomly selected, you will have a higher probability of getting an invitation,But need patience,good luck man
  8. hello friend,rust hack need an invitation,You can be active in the forum and discord,Receive trust,Or a trusted guest invites you, then you may be invited,good luck man
  9. my frist hack is FC(Cross Fire),like csgo ,He is very popular in China,I've been playing for 1 months,And then gave up
  10. o man,You look too pessimistic,Trust is the need to work hard,Most people are friendly, you can try to chat with them,Or help some people solve problems,A long time, you will gain confidence
  11. Be patient,believe you will have a lucky day
  12. I also hope that administrators can strictly review,Let EAC garbage away from us,Don't let hack leak
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