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HWID Spoofer questions



Hello. i have a few questions about the hwid spoofer

1- how does it work, do i need to load it once everytime i boot my pc? (will it go back to normal after i restart my pc?) 

2- i'm currently banned on fortnite. if i use it and then proceed to make a new fortnite account, can i go on without getting banned? i wont be using any cheats.)

3- can this also work on FACEIT csgo anticheat? since they ban hwid. 

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  1. You need to spoof every time you boot your computer
  2. It will work on Fortnite BUT Fortnite spread tracking files all over your drives, you will need to delete them as well or wipe all your drives
  3. I doubt it but you can always try

For more information, visit the link below


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