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Review on the Rust cheat

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Let me just start off with: Holy shit this thing is op. Just get it asap when invites open and thanks to my bud rafiki for getting me in <3




Its really nice and has some nice features for example drop calculation. Heli aimbot and more. There is some stuff missing tho maybe some more customization for like randomize the target it will shoot at.




What the fuck soo many options took like 10 min to walk trough all the options and see whats there, it has like everything. Think of something and it has it.




Ye it has a triggerbot 'ish'. Works really well on automatic weapons but its shit on pistols. Maybe add a option to spam click?




Lmao just the misc panel is already worth the price no recoil, no sway, double jump, 'debug cam' yeah uh why is this cheat so dang cheap lmao


Also really sexy ui



ps how the fuck do you even find those offsets when there is a shitty anticheat like EAC lurking that is prty much a loop trough all processes


anyways best cheat on market get it when invites open lmao

(edit: says its detected but not banned yet after raging really hard on a official server LUL)

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2 hours ago, Patonkidino201 said:



Yep Same 31Hours Of Rage Hacking ! :P

Sama hahaha been destroying official servers

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On 3/11/2019 at 7:43 PM, how02 said:

There is no triggerbot in the Rust hack, but thanks for the review FeelsGoodMan

The autoshoot under aimbot

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