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How long have you been cheating?


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Lets get some Shit post going meanwhile we are doing what ever  we are doing :D

How long have you guys been cheating?

and what games? :D

for me, started with some ps1/2 cheating codes with GTA, then went on pc cheating in pretty much every single game xD but most CSGO,Rust, GTA V, Battlefield 1 and 5, 

and most fun game to cheat in is Prob either arma or Rust :D

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I started cheating on CS around February 2017, I had a guy who made my cheats exclusively for me ( So detection was extremely low ) and he would make cheats on my demand.

He was an amazing dev, he made me a CS cheat first which got outdated on that big CS update then unfortunately we based together on a rust server and someone raided us.

The person who raided us told my dev that i insided him, and he got pretty pissed.

At the time i didnt know any of this because my Dev blocked me on everything, only recently he unblocked me.

Turns out when i moved on to vanilla on rust i met a guy from the same server, turns out he was the one who told my Dev about it. Im pretty pissed as he would make any cheat on demand and was in the making of a rust one for me,   when I try talk to him again he just doesnt reply so im kinda ya know :/

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I have been cheating for so many time:

Started probably on 1.5/1.6 on Cheating Death servers with free cheats like Mosquito or CD disabler, slay0r, FighterFX/FuriouSP.

Played a lot of time after legit but sometimes switching accounts and injecting free cheats just raging.

Starting  paying for csgo cheats probably 2 years ago, also for Rust.

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