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Rust Refund


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22 hours ago, joshgriste said:

Hey guess what they give you the time that it wasnt working back, so its like I pay one month and I get a month of time it is up. It just hasnt been up for a couple months. woah

2 hours ago, mosh36 said:

well... ive bought the hack kinda like 10h before it got announced its detected and waiting now for months. I would also like to get a refund because the staff doesnt talking about any progress. The only thing everyone knows is that theyre working on a spoofer. But well it doesnt help anyone if it will be never finished.


It's only been worked on for 1 month and a half. I've been here for that full duration as well and i'm fine with it.

They are working every day to fix the cheat and along with that most cheats don't add things such as spoofer to the cheat while also doing constant updates. 

As mrtrademaster said "all howl does is wake up, code and sleep" as well as doing this he's putting in extra effort into the rust cheat and adding a spoofer. This will allow us to bounce from account to account without having to change our HWID continuously or spoof yourself.

"OMG they dont tell us when cheat is going to release/they said soon" it's a long process to add a spoofer and make it undetected. 

Unlike rust, the CSGO cheat was made undetected within a day or two and they also caught it before the detection i believe. 

Along with Rust they also have to code for the PUBG cheat so that is a lot of work aswell.


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