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Rust started ban me.


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So i have been cheating for one year ago aleast, and i played legit after that, i have been playing for like 6 month without any bans at all. not long time ago i bought SSD for my pc and after 1day rust banned me (gameban) i keep got new accounts and still getting game ban. My SDD should be fine when i never cheated on it. After that i started use HWID changer and all that. I can play for 1 week  + - at time and than i hit gameban again?
My mom and dad not live togther, its like everytime i take my pc from one place to another place i hit ban after some hours? 
Most of you thinking it my ip prob, but if it was my ip i dont think i should be able to play 1 week before ban? 

steam accounts 






When the first banned hit, all my accounts got banned.
More account too just cant find them all xD

Sorry for bad english xD

- Lysdahl

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8 hours ago, sextacy101 said:

its weird, maybe you have hacks still on your computer (hard drive, usb) and eac found it? Im not sure sounds really fucky to me.

Dont think so, i have wiped my pc more times. And after that i have been playing for months without any bans.

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