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Initial Login

Black Sector's UI for initialization for the cheat it extremely user friendly, Easy to read/understand.

The "Hack List" when selecting an existing subscription with a cheat that you have purchased gives you information to help you and if needed help an admin/moderator

Lists your Directory, When your subscription to the cheat began and when it will end, so you have a perfect idea of how long you have left before.... You of course resub.

Injecting... Extremely easy. Select wanted cheat "CS-GO Full" Inject, and open game. Even is kind enough to auto-close steam for your protection.

Black Sectors Cheat/Menu



Intro: I have used many cheats for CS-GO in the past, and nothing compares to what Black Sector offers, the amount of features and how easily accessible they are makes this cheat one of the best available on the market, and if you are looking for a testimonial as well I advise you buy this cheat as soon as possible to increase your game to a whole new level.

The Aimbot has the capability to harness the skill of any player, with the option to change anything to what works for you

If wanted, you dont need to go and change the setting for every gun you use, just by selecting default and changing from there allows you to change settings to work with every gun

(Settings vary with every person)

General - The main settings I think you will be messing with the most... FOV : Basically and area of which an enemy is seen to be hit. The higher the fov, the less you have to aim in a sense

Hit boxes - I use personally from round to round constantly changing out everything. For pistols rounds you may want to select head shots only, being that's the best way to win a round with a side.

                 Going in to higher rounds with higher buys when using auto's you may want to change to neck/body/chest/stomach. Which gives others a sense of "Not Cheating"

Humanize - Basically creates a smoother aim, and makes less "Snap" You can edit things such as speed, and max, and others, but don't really need to mess with them too much

Visuals - Basically when shooting since CS-GO is different than Call of Duty with recoil, shows you where the gun will really shoot, even if it looks like its shooting downwards


I don't really bother with TriggerBot most of the time, I did some testing with it for and while, and I can fairly say its very good, and there are a lot of configurations, you can choose for your play style, you can adjust it to dodging very easily to make it auto-wall, and it makes smoke checks a breeze


Bunny Hop - If you have never seen a video of Source B-Hopping I highly advise you to go watch, B-hops can get you places quickly if executed properly, but I dont use them because there isn't many B-Gods left. Everyone will basically just call you a cheater.

Auto-pistol - When out of bullets will auto pull pistol, which most pro's use, as it is quicker to pull out your side then to reload an auto or such

Show Ranks - Though it may not be of a lot of use cause it wont affect game play, but being able to see everyone's ranks in the lobby ranked/unranked is pretty neat, a feature I have never seen, but I use it all the time now.

Auto Accept - is extremely helpful, sometimes boys we gotta piss, or moms got our Hot-pockets ready and we are not always there to accept when a match starts... Don't worry Black Sector's gotcha.


Player - Extra Sensory Perception... Basically the ability to know or see things that you shouldn't know are there, such as players, bomb, guns. Black Sectors ESP allows you to see enemies through walls better allowing more awareness to where a player might be giving you an edge on the competition. You can enable/disable seeing enemies/allies health, names, distance, and what weapon they are using.

Weapon - Is the ability to see an ESP of weapons on the ground, giving you that chance to snag that lost AWP.

Grenade - Black Sectors equipment ESP is the best one I have ever used, I can actually see where its coming from, giving me the ability to dodge, as well as dodging a fake flash, or smoke check.

Sound -  is something you have to mess with... its better understood when some testing is done


Black Sectors Radar is one of the most advanced radars I have used, even giving exact coordinates to where you are on the map, and better giving you an edge on where they might be, on a "map"


Black Sector.... Well F****** done on this

This skin changer is so easy, giving you the list of every skin in CS-GO history, even giving you the ability to put skins on things that have not or should not even have that skin on it... Ever seen a UMP - Lore Factory New. Well today is your lucky day. The customization is enough to keep me just messing with that for hours. One of the reasons I go AFK so much mid-game, so much to choose from, load out possibilities are endless.


Cross hairs can be made off of generator websites and copied to place in your console, but why use that when Black Sector gives you plenty of pretty damn good cross-hairs to choose from?


The Bind manager makes your life easier, giving you better reach on what keys you use for what, you can change pretty much everything.. Aimbot toggles, Silent Aim, Toggle ESP on/off, anything even a panic key which fully closes the cheat to legitimacy if needed.


If the colors of the default ESP is something you are not fond of you have the ability to change anything to any color you want, even custom colors. CT Being Blue, and T being Red, you could change everything to purple, green, orange. You can also change the weapon ESP to better see the guns on the floor and colors for the equipment to see it coming. 


After everything is said and done, and you are happy with everything changed in your menu, finally you can create a config to save everything to load up the next time you play, and you even have the option to share configs and use others aswell to find what is best for you




This site will be where I buy my cheats from for the rest of my gaming days

The admins are very helpful, and so are the members of this site, I've only just joined, but im already planning to stay

If you need help with anything, I also speak fluent Slovak/Polish so i can help anyone with that, just send me a pm, and we can hop on Discord and get you sorted out

This site has alot to offer and I plan on trying every game cheat and doing a review on all of them, "can't wait for Rust"

I am also going to try to make videos for the site just editing some of the best moments to show you what this cheat can really offer

Thanks guys hope this helped some of you



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