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CSGO Review.


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After 1 Month of me having the cheat I'll now write my review since I know this cheat inside out (apart from security etc)

First off I'd like to say thanks to @how02 for making this cheat, it's insanely good, now time for the review.


Aimbot - 10/10 - Reason: The cheat overall is made for legit only, strictly no rage etc, the aimbot isn't too strong, nor too weak, it's just perfect for a legit player.


Triggerbot - 0/0 - Reason: I don't use Triggerbot so I cant give this a rating or anything of that sort, this is a neutral review for triggerbot.


ESP - 8/10 - Reason: I only use chams, so not being able to have normal chams like other cheats where you can't see them behind a wall is a bad thing for me, nevertheless, still great ESP.


Skin Changer - 10/10 - Reason: I don't need a reason for this, everything about it is insanely good and works well.


Config's - 10/10 - Reason: Not hard at all to save and load configs, same for downloading them and using them.


Overall - 10/10 - Reason: I have TONS of experience with p2c simply because I like messing around with cheats, gathering info on their features and other things they have, all-in-all this cheat is by FAR the best cheat I've used regardless of it not being able to HvH.


I'd like to say thank you to @how02 for making the best legit cheat currently in the market, I'll be using BS:S for a LOT of time.

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On 16/10/2017 at 3:40 PM, Basall said:

Great review pal, I'll definitely buy CSGO cheat after my fortnite sub ends

I'd like to compare it with other CSGO cheats

Feel free to add some vids <8

Many videos online, including some that @Finn has made.

100% buy it, insanely good for Legit and the customisations are insane for a legit cheat.

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You can definitely change chams so that they are only visible behind walls, it's in the color changer! You should be able to find options for T and CT (Chams - Visible) and (Chams - Not Visible) in the color changer, switch everything to 0 on not visible and you'll no longer see them through walls.

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