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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. HeistCS

    Best Legit Cheat (CsGo)

    Not necessarily the best legit cheat currently as most other legit cheats have more useful features, however this cheat is my favourite, would be better with the Suggestions me and @Finn made.
  2. HeistCS

    HWID Ban Csgo?

    It's a bullshit rumour.
  3. HeistCS

    I streamed CSGO

    This ^. Also, I'd suggest turning ESP Boxes off, as sometimes people with ESP Boxes generally follow people through walls on rare occasions, I'd use chams if anything and Radar so its less obvious if you get overwatched.
  4. HeistCS

    BlackSector Discord?

    yeah thats why i should join too i like super secret things
  5. HeistCS

    CSGO Full.

    I've used this cheat many times and bought many subscriptions to it since it's my favourite cheat, however I bought it again for 3 months 13 hours ago with Bitcoin and I still don't have it, how long does manual activation normally take?
  6. HeistCS

    Why do you hack?

    If you can't beat them, join them.
  7. HeistCS

    Overwatch bans

    If you're wanting to cheat on CSGO then you can cheat on an alt account, just don't have 1 Phone number linked to both accounts since it'll ban both accounts.
  8. Yes, BlackSector is what I use on my main account with 1.1K hours and with skins, that's how confident I am in this cheat. I would highly recommend.
  9. HeistCS


    If this is on CS:GO I'm pretty sure it is, don't take my word for it though, it depends what AC(Anti Cheat) they use.
  10. HeistCS

    Which Hacks do you prefer?

    Everything since its all there lol.
  11. HeistCS

    CS:GO Last Detection.

    Thank you for clarifying, bought the full CS:GO Cheat again.
  12. HeistCS

    CS:GO Last Detection.

    I used BlackSector last in October, didn't play CS while I didn't have a BlackSector Sub, will be buying another sub as soon as I know the last time it was detected (if any). Help me please @how02.
  13. HeistCS

    CSGO Review.

    Many videos online, including some that @Finn has made. 100% buy it, insanely good for Legit and the customisations are insane for a legit cheat.
  14. HeistCS

    CSGO Review.

    After 1 Month of me having the cheat I'll now write my review since I know this cheat inside out (apart from security etc) First off I'd like to say thanks to @how02 for making this cheat, it's insanely good, now time for the review. Aimbot - 10/10 - Reason: The cheat overall is made for legit only, strictly no rage etc, the aimbot isn't too strong, nor too weak, it's just perfect for a legit player. Triggerbot - 0/0 - Reason: I don't use Triggerbot so I cant give this a rating or anything of that sort, this is a neutral review for triggerbot. ESP - 8/10 - Reason: I only use chams, so not being able to have normal chams like other cheats where you can't see them behind a wall is a bad thing for me, nevertheless, still great ESP. Skin Changer - 10/10 - Reason: I don't need a reason for this, everything about it is insanely good and works well. Config's - 10/10 - Reason: Not hard at all to save and load configs, same for downloading them and using them. Overall - 10/10 - Reason: I have TONS of experience with p2c simply because I like messing around with cheats, gathering info on their features and other things they have, all-in-all this cheat is by FAR the best cheat I've used regardless of it not being able to HvH. I'd like to say thank you to @how02 for making the best legit cheat currently in the market, I'll be using BS:S for a LOT of time.
  15. HeistCS


    Damn BOI get em

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