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  1. 现在AMD的CPU使用安全一些 ,英特尔的CPU拉闸了一阵子了,看下作弊状态里 有一阵子红色了
  2. 现在英特尔的处理器一直在封号啊 一直还没更新好
  3. Find the person who gave you the KEY
  4. Green is safe, orange is unknown, red is dangerous
  5. I think you should go to the person who sold you this KEY
  6. Wait for the plugin to be fixed before enabling it again
  7. Thank you There is also an easy way to search for the game name directly
  8. Because BUG has cancelled this plugin
  9. Should be to prevent websites from being attacked by DDOS
  10. BSS aims to increase legitimacy, not violent killings. I think this bias is problematic because you don't know about cheating yet. You also need to manually pull the mouse to make a pre-judgment.
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