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  1. seems like Steamby.ru is the cheapest by far, now I feel dumb for making this g2a tutorial
  2. whit rust not being in beta any more g2a prices have gone up it used to be 7$
  3. hello. I have seen a lot of people asking how to get cheap rust key/account so I decided to make this tutorial on how I get cheap rust keys for this method will need a VPN I would recommend vyprvpn it's free and it has a lot of locations any VPN works we are going to get Rust Steam Key RU/CIS from g2a they are around 13$ create a new steam account or use an existing account. exit steam since the Rust key is RU/CIS means that we need to choose a location within CIS or RU on your VPN after connecting to a country in CIS or RU you can open steam again and use the Rust Steam Key I hope this helped you, this is my personal preference
  4. willy wonka is probably my favorite movie
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