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  1. Rafiki


    Invites are closed
  2. i dont know when the last detection was srry
  3. yes u can buty pubg in the store without invite
  4. U can now buy pubg in the store
  5. when u buy something from the store u will get premium but invites are currently closed please read
  6. yes when u buy anything from the store u will get premium
  7. invites are closed mate
  8. invites are closed and its detected atm
  9. It may work for fortnite if u reformat ur pc because they drop tracking files, and apex it should work
  10. Maybe try using a different spoof profile for every account?
  11. rust invites are closed and the cheat is currently detected please read
  12. it can take some time to confirm the payment with bitcoin
  13. well the status is detected
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