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  1. Garry


    Invited are currently closed. when invites open up again you have to be active and friendly within the community and that enough should get you an invite!
  2. I Purchased the CS:GO FULL hack a few days ago and been trying them out and loving them so far. Price 10/10 The hack is 12.00 EUR / month and that is a good price for a Well made hack that RH has. GUI 10/10 The GUI is very unique and I have never seen that style of a GUI ever and really like it. ESP 10/10 The Wall hacks are very clean and you can configure it anyway that you like. Rage 10/10 There is no Rage so that won't get me banned!! Trigger Bot 8/10 I hardly use Trigger Bot but the time I used it was glitchy but I'm guessing it was my settings. Skin Changer 8/10 The Skin Changer works perfectly. I would like to have it only the skins for the guns that are in the game would appear instead of every skin. Aimbot 10/10 The Aimbot is very well made, I had many hacks previously and i have to say this aimbot is the most legit and fun to use. Overall I give the hacks a 9/10 they were amazing for me so far and have been called out for hacks only a minimal times would recommend these hacks to whoever who does not have them. I wanna thank the DEV team for making these hacks so good and so far been really pleased with my time here.
  3. Once you get an invite i think you will be able to buy all the cheats.
  4. Only trusted members and invited players can buy the cheats. To get invited you have to be active and be nice and you should get an invite.
  5. Currently they are doing H1z1,PUBG,GMOD and there has been news of an Arma 3 hack maybe coming out.
  6. The hacks are not detected. me and my friend got banned by the game DEV
  7. I bought an account from here. Trying to get the code to change the email now
  8. Garry


    I think the hack only fully supports VAC
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