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  1. just a curious question to see what the community wants !
  2. ive been checking this game out for a while and seeing RH dig in it would be amazing, excited to see it come!
  3. Okay thank you ill just give it a few days maybe and see what continues happening with the community and they're experiences.
  4. i've been seeing a lot in the chat box about people getting instantly banned when they load they're rust hack, i was just curious before i inject the hack if its safe to do so? i would rather be safe then sorry...
  5. actually C# might of been i what i was using before now that i think about thank you for all thhe information tho
  6. Thank you :)i believe i started learning python if im not mistaking i would show you what it look but im not quite sure how to upload photo's here
  7. Ive been wanting to start making my own menus and hacks for a little while, i made a little rtm tool for ps3 a long time ago, but forgot what i did... So can someone be so kind and teach me or at least point me in the best place to learn? thamk you
  8. My apologies for bringing this up I just checked my emails and received a invite 2 days ago, thank you
  9. I've been involved for sometime now and i am considered a member do I receive a invite to the rust ?
  10. Any server owners ? i own a Server on Rust [3/9] LastRust|CLans|Kits|QSmelt|5x feel free to check it out or to test your hacks on
  11. what hack is this? i got CSS but dont have any good hacks
  12. ill create a topic for that, im curious
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