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Welcome to BlackSector Solutions


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Welcome to BlackSector Solutions.

As some of you might have seen, I am no longer working on RoyalHack. The reasons for that are irrelevant and it is not worth a public discussion.

All current users and their subscriptions on RoyalHack have been imported here. Many members are no longer in the group "Trusted".

The TF2 and GMOD cheats are discontinued. You can send ViRTUS or me a private message if you want your TF2 subscriptions switched to CS:GO.

Some Features of the current CS:GO and Rust cheats will be removed and re-worked. Many new features will be added, at no extra cost.

Some of the GUI elements have been tweaked, but a re-design will be made in the future.

If you are currently a subscriber on RoyalHack, please download the loader here. For the sake of simplicity, the 32bit loader is no longer provided, removing some confusion many people were having. It now means only 64bit systems are supported.

The PUBG and H1Z1 cheats are still work in progress and will be available for purchase in the future, but only to a limited selection of members. Security is a big concern for us, and a lot of work is being done behind the scene. Rust is still being worked on and we have good hopes it will be undetected soon.

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