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my previous comment here crossed the line, for which i received an official warning from the honorable how02. i apologize how02, i love you.

ii was not impressed with the "robotic" style of simply locking on to player after player, even though i don't even recognize which games william1k plays.

it reminds me of Dr. Disresepect's recent stream in Call of Duty. he got to the final stages as a single (not team), and then encountered a few opponents who he instantly aimbotted back to lobby. then, running around without any "enemies", he let out a scream of frustration and boredom. 

he could have toyed with them for a while, to keep up the tension and immersion for himself and his viewers, but he was too worried that they also have aimbot so he urgently ended the battles. he was so obsessed with using the aimbot, similar to willaim 1k, that he missed out on actually playing the game. 

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