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CSGO ESP/Aimbot Review


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Been a customer on and off since 2017 and it's now time to part ways with Blacksector. It's definitely my favorite cheat to play with but unfortunately, they completely switched to Cryptocurrency without thinking of older customers that were used to pay with Paypal or Paysafecard. I am aware that paypal does fine cheat providers and they tried having resellers to deal with older customers and their ways of paying but, resellers have to win their share and they charge almost the full price of Blacksector when you just want ESP or Aimbot.

I tried reaching out to admins, tried the chatbox, even joined the Blacksector telegram looking for solutions to no avail. The only answer I got was, use a reseller and pay for it overpriced or learn how to use crypto. I'm not a tech geek and even after searching online, there's a ton of ways to trade real money for crypto but with lack of knowledge on the subject, I'm most definitely gonna get scammed.

All in all, best legit cheat on the market, with super easy to configure GUI. Loved every single time I used it, and even after having free trials of other legit cheats, I always came back to blacksector.

If you guys ever get back to paypal or resellers charge a price a little closer to the price you guys charge for it, I would come back no doubt about that.


Thanks for all the great shots, have a ton of clips using Blacksector and looking totally legit.


Until we meet again!

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i can relate to all of that. BSS pubg was excellent, the best.  but now, we are free to leave.  admins seem powerless or strongly reluctant to keep this niche category of crypto-phobic users.  i used pubg to meet cool people, and make a mockery of the others on my team.  i would go back, but BSS first has to figure out who are their sincere, genuine customers, by creating a questionnaire and then reading the responses and coming to a conclusion about each individual's trustworthiness.  

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It isn't our choice to remove Paypal. Our business is against their ToS and as you mentioned, they can fine us $2.500 if we don't respect their acceptable use policy.

There are strong rumors that Paypal will start supporting crypto currencies in the upcoming months, so you will probably be able to purchase our products again.

Otherwise, you can always make an account on Coinbase.

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