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Blue Screen since yesterday


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I get several blue screen incidents since yesterday

I get blue screen when:

1.I click inject ( or log in ) and the loader's icon is showed ( then I didn't do anything , including starting the game )

2.I click inject ( or log in ) and the loader's icon is showed then I start the game . I get blue screen before the game is started .

3.the loader's icon is showed and I start the game successfully but get blue screen a few minutes after that .


Here're my minidump files


030520-10000-01.dmp 030520-10921-01.dmp 030520-11437-01.dmp 030520-13031-01.dmp 030620-10312-01.dmp

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I check the system log myself and find that the Intel XTU is working because I run a stress test for my laptop yesterday .

I uninstall XTU and find no problem entering the game ( I suppose , I just played for a short time and not very sure whether the problem is solved or not , anyway everything looks OK right now  ) 

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14 hours ago, how02 said:

Can you try again?

Now I do not think the blue screen is concerned with PUBG update on March 6 . Many times even when I did not open Steam I get blue screen ( CODE:MANUALLY INITIATED CRASH ) after injecting .

But the cheat software did work fine on March 4 and before ( I didn't use it on March 5 ) . That confused me because I just play other games on March 5 and ran Stress test . I didn't do anything that may change the operation system . 


The blue screen shows code : Manually Initiated Crash and the Crash file is intelppm.sys . I know that intelppm.sys is linked with Intel Turbo Boost Technology so I disabled turbo boost and tried again . However , the problem still appeared after injecting .

Here's the .dmp file after I disabled Intel Turbo Boost Technology .


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