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Going to buy the CS2 product



Hey there, I was interested in buying the CS2 product and I was wondering when your last detections were on any of the cheats you provided in the past including if you guys provided a CSGO cheat what the detection history was of that and also whether or not you guys were affected by any red trust waves. 


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21 minutes ago, how02 said:

Our CS2 cheat has never been detected.

Our last CSGO detection was in August 2022 when we had some red trust factor but we solved it.

Are you guys internal or external?

What would you say is the current active cs2 subscriber count for the cheat?

Has there been any complains about red TF since release or has it been smooth sailing?

Do I need to disable my AV to use this cheat?
Anything funky with windows updates?
Any incompatible gpu's or cpu's?

Sorry for the comprehensive questions. I'm just looking into several providers and so far I think I'm pretty sure I'm going with you guys I just wanna make sure.

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Our cheat is internal.

No one has received a red TF on CS2 as far as I know. We have a fairly low user base.

You might need to disable Windows defender as it might block it in some cases during the injection. We don't have any compatibility issues with any Windows updates. No specific requirements either.

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