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CSGO Cheat Review


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Blacksector - CSGO


Blacksector is really straight forward to use, payment went through immediately and I was able to download the loader and inject the hack in a matter of minutes, very swift process.


I had no problems with detection's during my time playing and the only reasons for me getting banned was because I was blatantly hacking so overwatch banned me, no worries though simply make a new account as csgo is free.

I recommend this website for a really quick way to generate a new steam account: accgen.cathook.club

ESP / Radar: 

Both the esp and radar work exactly like they are supposed to do and I can't find any flaws with it.


The aimbot is extremely strong, and the only shots which I was noticing I was actually missing was due to spread, the predictions are on point and the recoil control system is a very nice feature which allows long distance spraying to be viable.

Silent Aim:

The silent aim is strong and very fun when it actually works. There are times in which the silent aim simply stops working, it seems like in order for the silent aim to work properly you need to be standing still so that there is little spread. Not sure if the silent aim works as intended or is bugged, but overall its a fun feature.


The triggerbot works as intended and is a really useful feature if you are looking to look like a legit player, there are all kinds of settings which allow you to customize it in order to look legit.

Skin Changer:

This is an extremely detailed skin changer. There are many different options and it works flawlessly, no problem at all with this feature.


This misc menu consists of three features: bunny hop, spectator list and auto pistol. All three of these features work as intended, and are nice additions to the cheat.


1. Projectile Trajectory needs a complete rework. The only projectile trajectory which exists right now in the cheat shows the path in which the projectile traveled after it has been thrown. This is quite frankly a useless feature and it would be much better if it showed you the path the projectile will follow when you are holding it out in your hand. Also timers on how long decoys have left to blow up would be cool for trolling purposes.

2. The following suggestion is not only limited to the csgo cheat but could be implemented in the rust and pubg cheat as a quality of life feature. Essentially what I am suggesting is a menu inside of the cheat which allows you to 'bookmark' players steam profiles and add comments next to them, as well as a name grabber which allows your steam name to be changed to the desired player at the click of a button, you could go into how much detail in this menu as you desire, e.g. you could include basic information about the player (how many competitive wins they have, how many hours they have, a button you can press which will take you to their profile ect.)

3. The color changer of the csgo cheat as it stands is really good, however it would be really cool to see a feature which allows you to change the color of the gun model you are holding out, as well as the background of the map you are playing on.

4. Spectator list should also include if the person watching you is watching you from a first or third person perspective, this will allow players using blacksector to decide if it is worth the risk to make a suspicious play or not.

5. You should implement a feature which allows you to always stand on a players head, no matter their movement input. This is awesome for trolling people and for generally having fun :).

6. A few different hvh features would be nice, however I understand if you want to keep the cheat purely legit.


Overall the cheat is awesome and I give it a 9/10, big thanks to @how02, you have produced an awesome product for a cheap price of 8 euros and you provided me with hours of entertainment.










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