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The perfect rust base (solo/duo/trio)


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* Reposted because of a miniscule weakpoint I found, that is now fixed

I'm quite the wanker when it comes to rust bases and have been experimenting since the game came out - However, I really hate the cramped bases that people showcase on youtube. Instead, I bring you this golden ratio of a small base that houses as much as humanly possible, while still holding the luxury of not having to crouch and jump to do anything inside.

- All loot is secured behind two walls and the base is too small and discreet to catch the attention of anyone who would ever be capable of raiding it.





Point of safety, this will cost 1k wood and 6.5k stone to build



Miscellaneous room - 5 furnaces, tool cupboard, workbench, research table and a small box to stand on.



Lootrooms. These will apear like basic 1 layered walls from the outside, but will house 4 additional chests and will take 2 walls to breach.



Everything can easily be accessed with normal doorways as well as with double doors, but raiders have no way of knowing where the loot is.



All locked and loaded. It is too heavy for small units to break through and too small for big groups to care about.




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