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Rust cheat Review


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so were should i start of

ive been using the cheat from time to time for about i think almost 1,5 year now.

i must say BSS rust cheat is the best cheat ive used so far, when i first started cheating i had my account for about 300 hours without ban semi legit/semi rage.

had some problems awhile back with getting banned within a couple of hours altho the cheat was in detected state so i dont blame anything.

have used it pretty constant the last month with runs holding about 20-60+ hours per accounts altho the bans that ive recived is prob from my self as i have a pretty happy trigger finger sometimes ;) 

love all the current features and they work really well :)


Aimbot 9/10 - Really good aimbot altho would be lovley to see some more options for "legit" cheating, such as customizable recoil controll with sliders or something, but overall a really good aimbot with alot of features.


Visuals 10/10 - Really good looking visuals, easy to use and working really good, would love to see bag/bed esp with names who owns them, and a visual TC range would be pretty sweet aswell.


Customizables 10/10 - dont have too much too say here but its a really nice option to be able to keybind most of the things and change colors and so on.


Misc 10/10 - pretty much everything you want, with debug and dubblejump works flawless without any problems, altho with speed hack patched thats really hurts my soul - RIP SpeedHack will never forget you <3, overall really simple and really usefull.


so overall from my PoV i can really recommend BSS rust cheat so if u can buy it, dont wait just do it :D Thanks uncle @how02 for an really awesome work and keep it up, ur the best <3

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