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AimBot: The aimbot is very good beyond what I expected from this cheat, like the prediction on this cheat which I would say works about 80% of the time for the bow but besides that, it works perfectly like for the AK's, Revolvers, Crossbow. Also what I like is the type of customizations you can get for each weapon like for AK you can have it aim for body only but for semi, you can make it aim for the head without having to mess with the aimbot alone to change where to aim. The No Recoil also works perfectly as well as no sway. In total to aimbot, I'll give it a 10/10

ESP/Visuals: The ESP and customization in this cheat are very good from changing the colors to what you would like to see on the physical esp like weapons out and health and distance.Also, the menu alone is very nice well spaced out in each tab, but it would look a lot cleaner if it was a whole menu instead of taking the whole bottom section of the screen as well as pausing the game instead of backing out in order to toggle settings. In total it's about a 8/10

Injection:  Very fast and hassle-free no extra set up needed like other cheats. 10/10

Stability: I see sometimes the ESP seems to overlap or kinda stutter a bit but besides that its nothing major, the aimbot flickers a bit when predicting the bow. 8/10

Misc: DeBug is by far the BEST feature in this cheat as well as the anti-recoil and prediction, that's one of the main reason why I decided to purchase this cheat and it was the best decision I could have done. 

Concussion:  I've heard and seen a lot about this cheat in social media and on youtube that it was a pretty decent premium rust cheat but when I actually got to try it, I couldn't see myself one day without it and I hope the devs will fix this cheat soon cause it really is a good cheat and I highly recommend anyone to purchase this. In total, I'll give this cheat a  9/10.

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