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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. Putfish3

    Rust Hacking #32: PVP and Counter Raid

    Yea also becuase you are a scamming cunt, you piece of shit
  2. Putfish3

    Rust Review

    Great Review!
  3. Putfish3

    Rust Cheat Feedback

    yes recently got it. Great hack. Please leave me a heart
  4. Putfish3

    Rust EAC PLS HELP!!!!

    Lmao, I wonder with you
  5. Putfish3

    Rust Detected?

    I agree with you completely.
  6. Putfish3


    That’s definitely a good way to get into a private cheat on a hacking forum. Calling staff members stupid. Disrespect at its finest.
  7. Putfish3

    Rust Cheat Feedback

    Hello, I just wanted to start off by saying, Black Sector is the best cheat that I have used so far. Nothing I have seen or used in the past can even compare. There GUI looks fantastic, is easy to use, and is overall the best GUI I have came into contact into. The cheat is almost perfect, the no recoil, no sway etc works how they need to. The aimbot is also extremely nice and the esp is flawless. This is the best cheat you can get, and I feel honored that I am able to use it.

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