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Steps to be able to play again


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I've been banned like 5-7 times by now (kinda lost count) and I haven't tried these steps yet but I wanted to run it through some of you guys to see if I'm doing everything right or if I need to do more to be able to play on my desktop again.


1. Clear everything Facepunch and EAC related from registry using regedit

2. Uninstall steam, then reinstall Rust 

3. Change all of the hard drives volume ids (i think my HWID spoofer does this) 

4. Install Rust on my C drive

5. Change MAC address using TMAC and use a VPN (still trying to get my dad to change the actual IP since he has some databases linked to our current house IP)


Again, if there is anything else that I'm doing wrong or need to add to this list please let me know, I would really prefer to play Rust on my desktop rather than my laptop lol.


- Z


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this does not work anymore in the last week eac has upped their game changing hdd is no longer enough anymore and people are trying to work out what else they are looking for people say cpuid but if you do your research that is not possible and people are saying mobo id ect buy tbh I really don't know I tested it last night got a new hdd changed mac address changed ip bought a rust account and I was banned within 2hours

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