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Rust: Can’t figure out why I keep getting game banned


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I started cheating February and first got banned in the middle of March. I went over to a second account immediately and everything was going fine until I got banned after two weeks. After that, everything kinda went down hill and I kept burning through accounts even after changing my HWID and my TMAC. If anyone knows how to properly evade the game bans, please let me know how to solve this issue so I can start playing again. 

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3 minutes ago, zbeast300 said:

Я начал обманывать февраля и сначала был запрещен в середине марта. Я перешел на второй аккаунт сразу и все шло отлично, пока я не получил бан через две недели. После этого, все как будто пошел вниз по холму, и я горел через счета даже после изменения моего HWID и мой ТЦР. Если кто знает, как правильно обойти запреты на игры, пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, как я могу начать играть снова решить эту проблему.

buy a new hard drive

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6 minutes ago, zbeast300 said:

Do you know where I can find one? My buddy has linked me two different ones but I don’t think either of them have been working

At this forum i saw many HWID Spoofers but to see them you have to be Premium User i think.

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Your can either replace your harddrive I would recommend that if your gonna play legit but if your gonna cheat you should use a spoofer I would send you a working spoofer but I'm looking for one too the one I was using is no longer working :(

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