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This one's for everyone lonely on valentines day


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Don't worry if your friends call you losers for not having a valentines, only real dudes chill by themselves because they understand their selfworth.

Sad Story Time:

So there was this girl, we were amazing friend uno. Like basically friends with benifits like we've cuddled and what not. But i never had the balls to really ask her out. So i decided on valentines day i would give her a rose. But as im going up to her i see this other guy on his knees infront of her giving her a rose and asking her out. Of course she said yes becuase shes talked about this guy before blah blah. Ended up giving my rose to one of my clostest homies. Worth it 100%! 

So leave your stories or troubles in the chat and let the only community that will always be there for you, the gaming community.


Love you all pce

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