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Hey all,
Recently i have been looking for a rust cheat and have came across a lot of legit looking cheats, of course they ended up being fake(RIP my 20$). Today i will show you how to spot a fake cheat 

1. Make sure that you check the video isn't a copy.
Most scammers don't actually have a cheat if it is from a game like Rust as it is very hard to find a cheat that doesn't get detected very easily. So they usually copy a video from someone else either from a website or from another YouTube video.

2. Watch the video or description for mistakes.
Some scammers are very stupid and get a video from 2015 and upload it in 2017 saying 2017 cheat. However, this actually fools some people. Please don't let this be you.
3. Look up the channel or provider on the internet.
Some times scammers actually get sales and really annoy victims. Most victims go onto the video and spam scam or fake and or go onto forums to warn others.
4. Ask friends or other hackers if they are trusted or they know them.
Most hackers look up hacks on YouTube to see if there any new hacks or improved hacks. Personally i got scammed because i didn't ask anyone about the provider.

Hope you found this guide helpful. If you did please upvote! If you have anything to add just reply to this forum post.
Thanks, C

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