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What is the percentage of getting banned for using PUBG cheats


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I just read the post from other website said that this PUBG cheat have low chance to get banned ,  so I was wondering what is the percentage of getting banned for using that ?  like 10% or 20%   is anyone use that cheats for one month and did not get banned?       sorry for my bad English , hope you understand what I mean:~~~)  thanks.

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1 hour ago, NurdocMiccals said:

honestly get more staff to help make a better injector to make the cheat less detectable


I mean,

A) u actually need people who know how to code to make the cheat.

B) They need to be trustworthy

C) They need to know what there doing.

D) ...


And hiring more people wont help either, since this is you need to know each others coding styles and other elements mentioned above.

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given infinite time; it is like the infinite monkey theorem. You will 100% get banned but also stay unbanned????


but yes, battleye is strong, u will likely get banned within a month or two with basically all providers. Unless they work for battleye and bypass themselves. which is unlikely. 

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