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Fortnite Battleye Update


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Dear Users!

The Battleye is coming..
Fortnite is going to drop one of the best Anti-Cheats on the market today, were working on it.
Were working on every support ticket and every question you make.

No, were currently not ready for Battleye, but were working on it.
No, you dont lost your Money, just take you time, drink some tee or cola and wait till our Staff team decided what is going to happen.
No, we cant give you any Date for a Cheat Update.

If you got any questions, please here.


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lol, i've had this for like a week. I understand that battleye is really hard to bypass but we should atleast get a refund if you won't be able to bypass it. I also think that if you find a bypass than current subs will be able to renew it for some more and make it slotted.

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They probably lax anwill be able to bypass battle eye in the future because they are working on the pubg cheat but just relax and be patient.  
Also i think it would be smart if they make it slot base because they will have a bigger chance of getting detected if they keep it public. 

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geeez, battleye...it means we're all fuked

the worst nightmare of cheaters

I thougt this will never happen in games like Fortnite, I mean PUBG, H1Z1 yeah I get it, but Fortnite ? wowzer.... BIG FKIN SURPRISE


Don't beg for refunds guys, you're not going to have them anyway LUL 

They can just freeze your subscription time or transfer it to another cheat for ex: CSGO

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